The Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration runs the Sunflower Children's Program to help children with cancer in India.
Two Worlds Cancer collaborates with local health care professionals and organizations to enhance palliative and end-of-life care for children and adolescents, including pain management and psycho-social support support.

A glimpse into the massive work of the NGO Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration in India.

Prior to Covid-19 I've been to Kenya for the Hear the World Foundation. They are supporting local audiologists in order to help hearing impaired Kenyan kids.

A snappy trailer about the work of the Hear the World Foundation, which runs several projects around the world for hearing impaired kids.

Another great assignment for the Hear the World Foundation, which supports a World Wide Hearing project for underserved Peruvian school kids. They already screened 31,000 children for hearing issues. More than 400 suffered from those unfortunately. They also found 3 siblings with hearing loss, which are now proud owners of  brand new hearing aids. Watch it!

A short trailer about our friend and well-known photographer Giovanni Mafrici and his new portfolio book.

The poet and author Tomás Cohen for tendaysaweek.

Watch this amazing free project in cooperation with Tobias Habermann, Franziska Dittmann, Juliane Büther, Magdalena Wlodarkiewicz and Jan Volbracht. 

With German singer-songwriter and ambassador Gregor Meyle we went to Cape Town for a Hear the World project on kids with hearing losses.

For the Hear the World Foundation we travelled to South Africa to visit a deaf school and an app-based hearing screening project in the townships. Again, it was a very heart-warming work with many happy faces.


A documentation of a HEAR THE WORLD FOUNDATION project close to Beirut, Lebanon.

The volunteers of HTWF provided hearing aids to 100 Lebanese and Syrian kids. It's been a very successful mission!

A big thank you to the project partner Houri Hearing and the IRAP deaf school making it possible.


A visit to a Hear the World Foundation project in an Indian school for hearing impaired children.

A portrait of the bar "Chrissi's" in Hamburg Eimsbüttel

Once again we did an image film about those passionate globe manufacturers. Initially they were into mars globes - now they have the moon.

Get it! Now! It's an unique master piece of art.

Music by: Oliver Barthel

Michael Plichta of PLANETENKUGELMANUFAKTUR crafts globes of planet Mars. Music by Oliver Barthel

We 🖤 collaborations as well as black and white.

Edit & Grading for photographer Mirjam Kluka.

Image clip of a photographer creating vintage cyanotypes.

A feature about german fashion designer Lara Krude. Author: Sina Podszka

Imageclip for Jens Waldenmaier Fine Art.

What is creativity to you? Voices from Essential Looks by Schwarzkopf Professional.

A trailer of all BFF Mastertapes done so far.

Just shortly before German photographer legend Volker Hinz passed away, Katja Ruge interviewed him for the BFF Mastertapes series. Volker Hinz was given the honorary membership of the BFF. Rest in peace, genius!

The fifth BFF Mastertape with legendary Jacques Schumacher from Hamburg.

For the BFF Mastertapes series famous photographer Walter Schels was interviewed by Frank Stöckel. This amazing guy has to tell many interesting stories of his exciting life.

We are very proud of meeting Christian von Alvensleben and Peter Schulte for this awesome series at Recom Art, Berlin.


The teaser & film about the exhibition BFF Aufschlag 09 with F.C. Gundlach & Ivo von Renner.

A short image clip about the agency Paperlux in Hamburg.