Braves & company image film

We shot a retro image clip for the Hamburg fashion brand Braves & Company. It's been a blast!

schiesser revival 2021

Again we shot the image clips for Schiesser. Here already the bold Revival collection. 

new showreel

flight through our diversity

showreel kids

Enjoy our brand new showreel on children all over the world shot for NGOs. Power to the kids!

musician marc sway for hear the world in south africa

Prior to Covid-19 we joined the Hear the World Foundation and Swiss musician Marc Sway in South Africa for a hearing loss prevention campaign. As usual the whole project was captured in film and photo by camerabuddy.


Prior to Covid-19 I've been to Kenya for the Hear the World Foundation. They are supporting local audiologists in order to help hearing impaired Kenyan kids.

The sunflowers children's Program

I've been privileged to travel to India for the Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration.
One out of seven films is dedicated to a sustainable, palliative and pain-relief children program in Hyderabad.

Have a look into this amazing work of an NGO from Vancouver, Canada.

lo que di es lo único que guardO

was ich gab, ist alles was mir blieb

This has been a very precious encounter! For the blog tendaysaweek I created a film and various stills of Tomás Cohen, an impressive chilean poet, based in Hamburg and Berlin. He is one of the heads of Hafenlesung, which takes place in Nachtasyl in Hamburg.


Read his interesting interview, which was made by Cris Sebiger-Bertram, founder, chief editorial manager and art director of tendaysaweek. I am very proud to be now part of her team. We love what we do! :)

During the BFF 50 years exhibition I've been honoured with the first BFF Film Award in the history of the German photographer association. I am very happy!
The shortfilm was made for and with the online blog tendaysaweek, which you can see here.
Thank you Tómas Cohen for your kind collaboration!


Picture by Klaus Mellenthin Photography

peter sein hamburg

A little teaser clip for a photo book fundraising project of my buddy Peter. Have a look at his wonderful pictures.

meet giovanni

A short trailer about our friend and well-known photographer Giovanni Mafrici and his new portfolio book.

He also relaunched his website.  It's beautiful - so have a look at it!

Find more clips here