CAMERABUDDY was founded by Christoph Höhmann (*1976), who is a freelance photographer since 2005.


We offer still photography AND film, such as image and feature clips, industry films, commercial clips, reportages, documentaries, advertorials, editorials, behind the scenes clips etc. etc. – no matter whether as an one man show or as a coordinated, experienced team.


Just have a look on our work and clients.


Film, photography, edit, postproduction – one team, one signature, one passion, one goal.

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During the BFF 50 years exhibition I've been honoured with the first BFF Film Award in the history of the German photographer association. I am very happy!
The shortfilm was made for and with the online blog tendaysaweek, which you can see here.
Thank you Tómas Cohen for your kind collaboration!


Picture by Klaus Mellenthin Photography