Folderator is a handy mac application for organizing a folder structure on photo shoots.

It creates subfolders with your chosen suffixes (RAW, JPG, TIF,...)


Some features:


Create sequences of folders (motif01, motif02, motif03,...) with a click.

Choose which number to start with.


Sequences with 2 or 3 digits possible.

Create as many subfolders you like.

Create folders with different names in a time.

Use the quick function if you are in a hurry.

It will create a root folder named Motif01 with subfolders RAW & JPG. If 01 already exists it will automatically create the upper next.

Feel free to download FOLDERATOR. Promised, you'll love it! If you like, you may click on the donation button ;-)

Sorry, english version is still in process.


Komprimiertes Archiv im ZIP Format 1.6 MB